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Hall & Ball - (Monteath)

Hall & Ball - (Monteath)

Hall & Ball

Colin Monteath

Hedgehog House, Christchurch, 1997, First New Zealand Edition. Oblong Quarto, 160 pages, many colour photographs. Excellent tribute to the great Kiwi mountaineers Rob Hall and Gary Ball. Their careers in the mountains are laid out by their good friend Colin Monteath through chapters covering major mountaineering expeditions they participated in and is well-illustrated throughout. Classic New Zealand mountain history, tales of two modern pioneers of high mountain adventuring in New Zealand and round the world,  vividly portrayed with photographs. The author’s mountaineering experience, knowledge of the history, and especially knowing the climbers, combine to present this striking picture of both Hall & Ball. Dramatically told story includes those tragic high-altitude events during the Everest 1996 savage storm, the demise of Rob, and the deaths of eleven other climbers. Signed by Author Colin Monteath, and by Mountaineer Bob McKerrow. Now quite a Scarce title. Dustjacket, Fine.                                  $350

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