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Alone to Everest - (Denman)

Alone to Everest - (Denman)

Alone to Everest

Earl Denman

Coward-McCann, New York, 1954, First American Edition. Memoir of Canadian mountaineer Denman, a self-styed purist with little regard for modern equipment. Denman set his sights on a solo ascent of Everest. In 1947 he headed off for Tibet. In Darjeeling he persuaded Tenzing and Ang Dawa to go with him. They managed to reach the North Col before turning around. Denman walked back to Darjeeling, partly in bare feet because his boots were worn out. It was a thousand-kilometer round trip accomplished in only five weeks, ‘an outstanding show of resolve and the lure of adventure’. Chipped Dustjacket, Very Good.    $70

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